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Twit, Tweet… Follow me on Twitter!

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Saw great posts from Brian Clark (idea originator), Chris Brogan and Michael Hyatt about the value proposition of following them on Twitter.  I’ve been primarily a Facebook user, but am adding Twitter to the mix – which has got me thinking of what is my value proposition.  Michael Hyatt asks his readers, “Why should people follow you? What’s the promise?”twitterbird


On Twitter.. I promise, you will get from my tweets the following:

  • a perspective on my professional (and occasionally my personal) life
  • interesting links and resources to the things that influence me and how I think about business, leadership, productivity and technology
  • cool, provocative and motivational quotes that I’ve come across

Besides, I will unabashedly link back to my blog so you will stay up to speed on what I’m writing and thinking about :)

So follow Chuck on Twitter now… please!

Question:  Do you Twitter?  Why should people follow you on Twitter?

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August 5, 2009 at 8:04 pm

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